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Earn For Youth
Lets try this link out a bit friends. Register, its for free, and promote the ads to see if you too can earn a bit of extra $$$ every now and again.

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Hey readers, although I have been a bit quiet on this blog, I have been working on a new site about a true passion of mine.

So click through to and check out my self hosted site.

The Facebook Page is also up and running, go and like the page and interact a bit.

Have a good day :-)

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64 years.
64 years ago, you were born into a world that didnt know what cell phones were, latest technology was having a "wireless" in your house, and even though life seemed dificult back then, it was nothing compared to 2014.

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Do you all think its legit, if it is, whats your opinion on it?

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Tomorrow marks a month before Christmas Eve. YAAAY lol. A few things come to mind however of the year thats now passed.

Have you managed to achieve the goals you set out at the start of the year?

Look, if you've read my About Page, you'd notice I hail from Limpopo (jokingly sometimes reffered to as the "other" province of Zimbabwe), and am now conversing the highways and by-ways of South Africa's Gangster Paradise.

The start of my year saw me resigning from a notorious company known internationally for selling the most expensive domestic vacuum cleaner in the world. It was tough and depleting my fuel.

Then I moved on to an IT company that developed websites using *AHEM*, wait for it...Wordpress. That was fun in its own rights, but also too competitive. Every Tom, Dick and Dumisani is building websites now dirt cheap.

So what was my main goal this year?

Well having moved provinces, and settling down to the fast paced lifestyle here (and its just not the highways that are fast), it was to find a meaningful job. But not just any job, a career. And I can honestly say I've found it. Anyone that personally knows me, knows that my happiness lies in or is dependant on me being on the road at all times. Meeting new people. Helping people achieving their goals.

Reflecting back on the year passed, I've surely gotten to meet some interesting people, that I will take forward with me as I focus on gathering all my eggs for next years roll out. (Note the keywords in my last sentance). A special shout out to Rauri, my ex mentor and trainer at work. Buddy, you're doing great things for the community. Keep it up.

As you read this, where ever you may be in the world, think back to how this year was for you. Where you maybe went wrong, or how excellent it was for you, always remembering that you are your own obstacle to your own success. Never let the fear of the unknown overwhelm you or make you afraid. Keep pushing, and results will come your way. Thats how I kept my head above the water.

Stay blessed y'all.

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Damn, it's been like 17 months since my last post, makes one wonder where I've been all this time? Well I've been lurking and loitering around Johannesburg, South Africa's crime capital. Well, not entirely, in one of the suburbs of it!

For my South African readers and business owners, you should click this link (no affiliate moneys will be paid to me, don't worry.)

Tradesman On Call

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So the last week or so I've been out of my home town (hence the quietness). I been on business, something new I've started up,and boy marketing is a whole different world when you need to sell something.

But whether its selling cars or blogging, marketing is a universal voice that has to be done. Advertising is a form of marketing and after you try one style of marketing, you can start seeing the difference when you change a few things here and there.

Hand to hand marketing lets you deal with your clients personally and these are a tough bunch to please. What one wants, the other does not. Being able to be flexible to serve everyone IS a must if you want to be successful.

My marketing isnt over in Gauteng. I'll still be here a few days. I miss my blogging and I miss my readers. But I will be back. (in this meantime, I'm also conducting a bit of research and will have the stats ready in a few days time for you all as to why marketing is essential.) Enjoy...:-)

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I've compiled two charts from my Google Analytics account to highlight the Top 10 Mobile Devices and Top 10 Browsers and Operating Systems that are being used to view my blog. Have a look-see...

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Does it ever happen to you that the thing you're searching for is never the thing you find, except that you find something else instead?

Yep, me too.

Today I was searching for ways to intergrate my Blog and Facebook together (as in putting my feed address somewhere where Facebook has since disabled probably from 2012). Then reading some Google searches I remembered seeing something I saw on some very well laid out Blogs. It made me think of just how well is your Blogs reach?

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Icon courtesy of Graphic Vibe
Browsing in my Facebook account, I came across a page that I liked a while back. Reading through it, I came across some rather nice blog sites that I'd like to share with you today. Although some say that publishing an article about other blogs will take my readers to other sites, I think that as a blogger, or as part of the blogging community, we all need a bit of recognition for the work we do. So tonight I want to share some blogs that caught my eye in one way or another.

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So I spent my weekend with my fiance, Virginia, and in-laws at their home some distance out of town. It was nice to get out of town for a while and relax where it's quiet and spend time with my two little boys, away from the hustle and bustle of town life.

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Some commentluvin'
Has anyone ever had any trouble setting up their Commentluv right and find it frustrating when you want to comment on someone else's blog article only to find out that the "Commentluv" you're sharing is not your's?

What do you do to get it right? Well it happened to me, and I'll tell you the simple answer to it below.

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Reading an ebook about Social Media Traffic I got from Ana Hoffman's site, Social Media Traffic 101: How to REALLY Get Traffic From Social Media inspired me to check my Google Analytics and compile my own data. The results are as below.

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Image courtesy of Dooffy -Icon Archive
Going through a couple of Google searches, I came across some excellent questions that I thought I'd give a bash, and hopefully it will give people who read my blog a better understanding about me. I have no idea where some of these questions will take me in my thoughts, but I will type them through onto the screen for every one to read...

Without further ado, read on.