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Posted by Denzil Craddock - - 2 comments

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Impressions is a month old today!!! As the author, I'd like to say congrat's on the blog, although in it's infancy, may it keep growing and growing, providing content that may be useful to the readers. 

I'd also like to publicly thank the readers for coming to this site, those that have reviewed it and given constructive criticism in private emails (email address is on the About Page), advice, and to those that have commented as well. A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERY ONE!!!

Although this blog is in it's early stage, behind the scenes there is a lot of research going on, in terms of making it a better site for YOU. Along the way, and listening to pro-bloggers, taking their advice, I've created a Sitemap as well for your quick reference to links YOU'D like to read. 

There's a lot of talk about how important SEO is for higher traffic, and also how the new Penguin update may affect blogs that over-do it. So along the way, I will be learning more about these systems that are in use, and try to be able to give the readers an unbiased view of my articles I publish with out being penalized.

Today, as a major surprise, checking the stats for the site, shows about a 300% increase in hits almost over night. There are a possible number of reasons why, and it's all down to you, the reader in the end. 

I'd like to also remind the readers that they are always welcome to comment with their views, if there's a controversial point I've raised. I'd love to hear from you.

From Denzil Craddock, ONCE again, thank you for being there and making this a wonderful place to be. Impressions will strive to bring more useful content in terms of self improvement and useful links.

2 Responses so far.

  1. I hope it goes from strength to strength my friend

  2. Thanks a lot Shane. How long have you had Shane's Blog?

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