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Posted by Denzil Craddock - - 4 comments

Some commentluvin'
Has anyone ever had any trouble setting up their Commentluv right and find it frustrating when you want to comment on someone else's blog article only to find out that the "Commentluv" you're sharing is not your's?

What do you do to get it right? Well it happened to me, and I'll tell you the simple answer to it below.

Yes, it is rather annoying when you read a brilliant article and when you wish to add your comment, find out that Commentluv isn't using the last post you published, to share with other readers. Infact, it's not something you wrote at all. 

Where do you go?
What do you do?
How do you sort it out?

HELP...Is just a step away...

I was in that situation just yesterday. After all the comments I was making on other blogs, I was blissfully unaware that I was promoting someone else's blog and I was not receiving any traffic to my blog through my commenting. And that could be happening to you too. Here's a simple way to sort out the whole mess, and make sure you get the traffic you need to your blog. 

First off, check for another blog that has Commentluv enabled, and click the box to remove the green tickmark, and click it again to enable Commentluv. This will automatically detect the last post you published. (this is taking into consideration that you initially entered your name, email address, blog URL into the spaces above the comment box).

If your last article published was say Social Media Traffic Data, and it displays "How Top Chefs Cook Venison," then you have to check your feed settings. In this instance I will use FeedBurner as an example. 

Go to Feedburner and log into your account. Click on your feed, then click on Edit Feed Details. Look for the box that says Feed Address and write it down exactly as it is, BE CASE SENSITIVE if need be. 

Then go to your Blogger Account. If you signed out of Feedburner, you will have to log in again to access Blogger. Once logged in, select the blog you wish to use Commentluv with (assuming you have more than one).

In the next page that loads, on the left sidebar, click on Settings. A drop down menu will display various settings to choose from. You need to select "Other."

Once clicking on Other, a new page will load, then you need to find "Post Feed Redirect URL" and then enter the Feed Details EXACTLY as you got it from FeedBurner. This IS critical that the case sensitivity is adhered to. You don't want somebody else's Feed popping up when you want to comment using Commentluv.

Once that is done, save the settings in the top orange box, then you're fixed.

You're ready to start commenting and directing traffic to your blog when they click on your published article. I hope this has helped you if you were struggling with it? Let me know if you got it right. Have a nice day.

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  1. Chris says:

    Thank you for sharing this post.It is very useful.I have collected many information form here.It is very helpful.I have collected many information form life improvement

  2. Thanks a lot for your comment Chris. I'm glad to be of assistance.

  3. Wow! Its amazing post ,helpful topics.

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