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Posted by Denzil Craddock - - 2 comments

Reading an ebook about Social Media Traffic I got from Ana Hoffman's site, Social Media Traffic 101: How to REALLY Get Traffic From Social Media inspired me to check my Google Analytics and compile my own data. The results are as below.

Click to enlarge

Although this blog is a little over a month old, with somewhere in the region of 3,500 views the pie-chart shows my reflection, or footprint in some of the major Social Networks I share my articles to. It also shows the areas I need to focus on, to improve and learn more about.

It is also worth noting that my I.P. address is excluded from tracking (on GA) so the figures are not distorted. The only issue with the figures is that in the blogs earliest days, the GA tracking code was not set up correctly on the template HTML, which I don't think would  really change the figures much. 

So where does the data leave me? Well, I need to address my Google+ and Twitter reach. These are obvious areas that need more than brushing up. The best thing though, is the amount of things I've learnt from analyzing. It's every bloggers bread and butter. 

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Great article. I do believe analyzing data of traffic and other related objects are critical to a blogger's success. Hope you are able to optimize for greater success.

  2. That's true Stock. Thanks for your comment. Every month I will analyze my traffic and publish it.

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