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Posted by Denzil Craddock - - 2 comments

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Browsing in my Facebook account, I came across a page that I liked a while back. Reading through it, I came across some rather nice blog sites that I'd like to share with you today. Although some say that publishing an article about other blogs will take my readers to other sites, I think that as a blogger, or as part of the blogging community, we all need a bit of recognition for the work we do. So tonight I want to share some blogs that caught my eye in one way or another.

As I said above, There are so many blogs out on the World Wide Web, some estimate it to be around 160 million, give or take. How many of those blogs are still in use or have been left or abandoned is also debatable. 160 million is a relatively small number compared to the worlds population. A population that has a very high percentage that has access to the internet in some form or another.

Yes, there are also many many successful blogs out there, that were started 10 to 13 years ago, even maybe longer. These "pioneers" (if I may refer to them as that) are our lifelines that created the path for us newbies, giving us tips and tutorials on how to best do this or that. They tried and tested the things that I've installed on my blog to make it what it is today. So lets get down to the blogs that I came across on Facebook shall I?

i Likes By Brian is a WordPress blog penned by Brian Hingst. Now as much as this site might look "normal," what caught my eye is when you click on a title of one or any of his posts. 15 little blocks appear between the title and article. This ranges from "i love it" to "wow" with some amusing little "i..." in between. This is something that I have never seen before. It makes for engaging interaction with the readers. Now Brian... this"i like." is my second blog to mention. This is a very interactive blog as well. And also, might I add, one of the few blogs I've come across that's a bit friendlier towards applying for Guest Posts. In her Top Posts and Pages, a neat list of links are displayed concerning Social Media, and the infographics used are really outstanding. (Any tips Liza?). If you have a good 30 min, browse You also will find interesting material where ever you aim your mouse.

Donation Of The Day is yet also a cool site I came across. The lady from the United States that pens this cool blog works at a Thrift Store where people sometimes donate items of interest that she puts on her site. The last article/photo that was published was of a wooden piece in the form of fire (as the author says, maybe it was a prop in a play?) All I know is that I'd like to have something like that in my sitting room. The deeper you go in the site the more bizarre? You can decide. Check it out.

The Speaking Kid says it all. Whether this is actually a 14 year old that blogs with this sort of intelligence or not is up to you to believe. Relations, politics, world history and economy are just some of the things 14 year old Ravichandra Tadigadapa discusses on his blog. Read his about page to learn more about him. You have to see it to believe it.

These blogs are not even a drop in the ocean of the blogosphere, yet each one has it's own unique voice. Each author has their own background and style that creates this uniqueness and they reach out, as you can see regardless of the age, for the world to read their opinions. Some of these blogs may be small, but they also could have a long history. And that's one of the first things I love to see in a blog. Constant updates. How ever they do their social marketing or if they are earning a small income from their blog, is up to them.

As long as there is some thing of value for the reader to read and engage in.

Each has their own style.

Each is just as unique.

How has your experience been with blogging? Found any interesting blogs?

2 Responses so far.

  1. Thanks a lot for the positive review. It has been most encouraging to know that somebody does read my blog and like it. I also really liked your writing style and your blog as a whole. It is completely different one from my own.
    Thanks again,
    Ravichandra Tadigadapa
    (The Speaking Kid)

  2. It's a pleasure Ravichandra. As long as your link is on my blog, I will keep coming back to see whats new. Keep it up young man!!!

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